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Guard Dawg

Spice Rub Gift Bundle (3 Pack)

Spice Rub Gift Bundle (3 Pack)

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Introducing Guard Dawg's Spice Rub Gift Bundle - A perfect symphony of crafted spices and herbs that will elevate your culinary creations.

Our Spice Rub Gift Bundle includes:

(x1) 5.5 oz Guard Dawg Chile Pepper Spice Rub - Exceptional for adding heat and tanginess to any masterpiece

(x1) 5.5 oz Guard Dawg Ancho Chile-Mango Spice Rub - Sweet and smokey, best paired with barbecue or grilled dishes

(x1) 5.5 oz Guard Dawg Jalapeño Spice Rub - Vibrant blend of Jalapeños with hints of garlic & lime taking center stage

Unleash your senses with Guard Dawg spice rubs today!

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